Gram Token Telegram ICO cancelled! Do NOT send any ETH/BTC to anyone

Refunds (only issued: 98.69%

Cancelled due to the market crash and legal reasons.


Refunds will be issued only for the users, contributors, donators.
You will recive refunds only if you have previously sent ETH/BTC to the address.
Go to refund section if you want the refund. Refund can be issued to the sender address without approval.
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Refund Methods

FAQ: is not related to the Telegram LLC or Telegram Messenger LLP, Telegram App not collecting (or sell) any type of security/currency/worldly goods. is not part of the Telegram LLC or Telegram Messenger LLP. is not related to Telegram LLC or Telegram Messenger LLP
We point out that we are DO NOT sell/provide any type of security/currency/worldly goods or investment promises. we are DO NOT sell Gram token or Telegram token.

Mandatory (without approval as well) refunds will be issued to citizens of (and persons from a territory of) USA, China, S. Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, N. Korea, UK, Canada, Spain, France.
Any questions about Telegram Open Network and TON ICO:

There is NO public/private ICO of Telegram. If you find any website that claims to sell Gram token - please send e-mail to, we will work with law enforcement to prevent any malicious activity.
For any law enforcement inquiry:
We are ready to provide any and all logs of interaction to authority/law enforcement/financial regulator of any country by a request. We are ready to work together with the authorities and law enforcement agencies to resolve the situation and issue any and all refunds corectly.

What is Gram?

We present GRAM token, the representative cryptocurrency of the TON Blockchain.
200 millions of Telegram users will get a TON wallet making it the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency, it will easily accommodate millions of users and thousands of decentralized applications, to provide direct payment channels to transfer value in milliseconds.

The Most Powerful Infrastructure Telegram



Can securely handle millions transactions per second, thanks to unique Multi-Blockchain Architecture



Hypercube Routing, TON Blockchains can quickly exchange data using a smart routing system.



Uses direct payment channels to transfer value in milliseconds


Efficient and Flexible

Proccesing nodes do only useful work maximizing efficiency and each block in a TON blockchain can become a blockchain of its own, making the structure inmensely flexible.

Roadmap of TON (not

april 2017
Project concept
may 2017
Platform development
september 2017
Token model
october 2017
Closed platform
november 2017
Close testing
of Gram Token
To be announced
Censorship-Resistant Network
Telegram Open Network
Telegram App Update to the New Version
including the TON Blockchain
Grant Access to 200 million users
of Telegram to TON
Implementation of Smart Contract Bots using TON Blockchain